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1. Cable conveyor is a kind of electric machinery for laying power cable (or communication cable)2. The cable conveyor i···

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The development of cable conveyor should also adhere to the actual situation of the domestic, can not blindly follow the···

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About us

Wuxi Zhifeng Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

      Wuxi Zhifeng Engineering Machinery Factory is located in Shitangwan Industrial Park, Luoshe Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, which has twice won the "Star of Chinese Township".Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, 312 National Road, Xiyi Expressway And other transportation hubs traverse the town, with superior location and convenient transportation.
      The first workshop specializes in the production of various power paving and construction paving machines. The main products are: cable conveyors, cable tractors, cable laying machines, cable pay-off racks, cable pulleys, cable pay-off pulleys, cable trailers, rotary connectors.In order to promote the timeliness of power engineering construction,the company has carefully developed a set of cable conveyors, cable pay-off racks, cable pulleys and other cable machinery with advanced equipment, fast and convenient procedures.

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