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The difference between cable conveyor and other conveyors

Hits:537 Update time:2020-12-02

The belt width of cable conveyor is the primary technical parameter of belt conveyor. If it is shut down in these cases, the loss is infinite. After that, the conveyor was affected by the progress of mechanical manufacturing, electrical machinery, chemical industry and metallurgical industry, and was constantly improved. Gradually, from the transportation within the workshop to the completion of material transfer within the enterprise, between enterprises and even between cities, it has become an indispensable part of the mechanization and automation of the material transfer system.

A variety of modern construction of the conveyor has emerged. In addition to being perpendicular to the belt length direction, the two reversing rollers on the upper part of the tension part of the heavy hammer should also be perpendicular to the gravity vertical line, that is, to ensure that the axis center line is horizontal.

The main feature of belt conveyor is that the fuselage can be very convenient and elastic. It is equipped with belt storage bin. The tail of belt conveyor can be extended or shortened with the promotion of coal mining face. The structure is compact and can be directly laid on the roadway floor without foundation. The frame is light and convenient for disassembly and assembly. When adjusting, carefully observe the relationship between the belt movement direction and the deviation trend, and adjust them one by one. Rubber belt and plastic belt are commonly used in conveyor belt.

Cable conveyor is the most ideal high-efficiency continuous transportation equipment in coal mine. Compared with other transportation equipment (such as machinery and vehicles), it has the advantages of long transportation distance, large transportation capacity, continuous transportation, etc., and it runs reliably, and is easy to realize automation and centralized control. Especially for high-yield and high-efficiency mines, belt conveyor has become the mechanical and electrical integration skills and equipment of coal mining Key equipment. The adjustment method of the tail drum is just opposite to that of the head drum. Belt conveyor is also used in building materials, electric power, light industry, grain, port, ships and other parts.

When the belt is running, the two marginal heights of the belt are changed, one side is high, the other side is low, and the material is scattered from the low side. The cable conveyor is to adjust the belt deviation. Since a belt conveyor has at least 2 to 5 rollers, the installation orientation of all rollers must be perpendicular to the center line of the length direction of the belt conveyor. If the deflection is too large, the deviation will occur. But the focus is still to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance at ordinary times.

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