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Structural characteristics and working principle of cable conveyor

Hits:519 Update time:2020-12-02

1. Cable conveyor is a kind of electric machinery for laying power cable (or communication cable)

2. The cable conveyor is driven by two shafts, so that the conveying force and gravity act on the two directions of the cable respectively, which is beneficial to protect the two directions of the cable and the insulation layer of the cable.

3. High strength wear-resistant rubber is used in the general composite track for conveying force, which makes the cable bear uniform force and is durable.

4. The machine is equipped with adjustable roller, which is very convenient for construction

5. This machine has low noise, low temperature rise of reducer mechanism and convenient maintenance

Cable conveyor is a complete set of machinery used for traction during cable laying. It is composed of several major components such as traction head and take-up frame. It can be used for the traction of power cable, communication cable and overhead line, as well as other occasions requiring traction. It can be used alone or in combination with the series of transportation produced by our company. Cable conveyor specification: bw-3 cable conveyor bw-5 cable conveyor bw-5b cable conveyor

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