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Cable conveyor

一、Main technical parameters:
Model ZFS-3 ZFS-5 ZFS-8 ZFS-8B
Motor Power(kw) 0.75kw x 2 1.1kw x 2 1.5kw x 2 1.1kw x 2
Conveying diameter(mm) 40-140 32-160 40-180 40-180
Rated conveying force(kn) 3 6 8 8
Transfer speed(m/min) 7 8-16 7 7
Clamping force(kn) ≤2.7 ≤2.7 ≤2.7 ≤2.7
Dimensions(mm) 800 x 500 x 420 960 x 580 x 420 1216 x 730 x 480 1200 x 640 x 470
Weight(kg) 148 168 228 198

二、Structural features and working principle:
1. The cable conveyor is an electric machine for laying power cables (or communication cables).
2. The cable conveyor adopts dual-axis drive, so that the conveying force and gravity act on the two directions of the cable, which is beneficial to protect the insulation layer of the cable.
3. The conveying force is transmitted through the composite track. The track uses high-strength wear-resistant rubber to make the cable evenly stressed and durable.
4. The machine is equipped with adjustable rollers, which is very convenient for construction.
5. The machine has low noise, low temperature rise of the reducer mechanism, and easy maintenance.
三、Matters needing attention:
1. Before using the newly purchased cable conveyor, you should be familiar with the relevant features of this manual
2. This machine is dual-axis drive, which can be automatically adjusted according to construction needs. In order to extend the service life of the machine, the machine must be kept clean
3. All parts of the machine have been oiled before leaving the factory. The oil level line of the reducer should be checked regularly. When the oil level line is lower than the limit, the oil should be added in time to keep the oil level at 1/2-2/3 of the oil standard. between
4. The user must pay attention that the cable conveyor must not be repaired before the power is cut off.
5. The electrical and wiring of this machine have all been adjusted before leaving the factory. Customers only need to connect to the 380V power supply.

四、Cable conveyor failure and discharge method:
Fault phenomenon Causes Exclusion method
Loud noise Lack of oil (chain) Open the cover and add grease
The machine doesn't work Long time for retarder oil Oil change (18 hypoid gear oil)
Slow conveying speed of the machine Track loose Open the cover adjusting nut

五、Warranty service: (contact our company for other reasons)
The cable conveyor has been rigorously tested before leaving the factory, and the various indicators have been adjusted to the best condition. The installation and use of the conveyor have certain knowledge. Please read the manual carefully and pay attention to the following points:
(1)、Provide unconditional free maintenance services within one month of purchase. Quality problem: one year for the host and 6 months for the wearing parts.
(2)、Damage caused by improper use is not a quality problem and is not covered by the free warranty.
Such as:
1. Motor burns out (main reason: phase loss, overload or unstable voltage)
2. The appearance is damaged
3. Connecting shaft and track (main reason: not refueling in time, uneven placement)
4. Damage caused by other improper use

六、Schematic diagram:

七、Equipment diagram: