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How to match the cable conveyor in use

Hits:484 Update time:2020-12-02

How to match the cable conveyor in use? How to configure the cable conveyor in use, these are the information that must be known before construction. To master these contents is to better use the cable conveyor, and to strictly follow these methods, we need to pay attention to many problems in the operation, so that we can get reasonable use in the process of work and use Can be used in the power engineering.

(1) Cable conveyor is the core equipment of cable laying, and the main parameters include conveying speed, rated conveying capacity, overall dimension, and applicable range of cable outer diameter. The conveying speed is required to be 6m / min.

(2) According to the cable distribution provided by the design, the length of each single cable is about 640m, and the cable conveyor should be placed in each cable well (about 80m), and one more cable conveyor should be arranged at the turning shaft. Considering that each cable construction needs 10 sets (including 2 standby) cable conveyors, the construction demand can be met. If the channel turns less, the number of conveyors can be reduced.

(3) Conveyor models mainly include 80-150, 70-180, etc. according to the survey, the outer diameter of 110 kV high-voltage cable is 80-110mm. Therefore, the adjustable range of conveyor is 80-110mm, which can meet the general construction requirements. Model 70-180 is a pipeline type conveyor with small overall size, convenient to go down the well and can be used outdoors. Generally, the wellhead diameter is 0.75-0.8m.

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